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Non-Clinical Support Team Members - Intro To Case Scenarios

Scenario 1

You leave work for the day. As you near the parking lot, you find a stack of papers with patient names, addresses, phone numbers and sensitive health information.

What do you do?

Do nothing and leave them there.
Someone probably left them for a minute and will return to pick them up.

Pick them up and take them to Health Records.
Follow-up with Privacy Officer.

Scenario 2

You are in an elevator at the hospital and you overhear a discussion about the care of an individual who you know from your church - Mr. Joseph Schmolenke. The following Sunday, one of your friends indicates that they heard Joe was ill. You relay the content of the discussion you overheard in the elevator.

Have you breached confidentiality?



Scenario 3

You have to go into a patient's room to service a light fixture. When you enter the room, you see the physician and residents talking to the patient. The patient seems quite upset.

What do you do?

Enter the room and quietly fix the light.

Leave the room and come back later.