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Professional Team Members - Intro To Case Scenarios

Scenario 1

You are a physician and have just seen a patient referred by a Family Physician.  Unfortunately, the patient was not able to provide you with enough information on this initial consult request.  The patient has left, so you contact the referring Family Physician.  Are you in breach of your patient's privacy?.

Choose the correct response:

Yes: I should have received consent first from the patient.
No: There is implied consent by the patient that there would be sharing of information from the referring Family Physician.

Scenario 2

As a health professional, I have access to electronic patient records.  I can access any record I want to as long as I keep the information confidential.

True or False?

Scenario 3

A physician enters an elderly patient's room to talk about some sensitive information regarding her diagnosis and possible treatments.  The patient has several visitors.

What should the physician do?

Proceed with the conversation
They're probably family members and they can be important to her recovery.

Inform the patient that you want to discuss information about or diagnoses.
Ask if the patient prefers that her visitors step out in the hall for a few minutes.  Proceed with the conversation once the patient has decided if the visitors can stay.