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Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll & Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital 2020-2023 Strategic Directions

With our partners, serve our communities exceptionally well by creating an integrated care system

  • Play a leadership role in the development of the Oxford OHT
  • Align to the needs to our populations
  • Ensure the right care, right place and right time
  • Strengthen Specialized Care (linkages to mental health, geriatric care, primary care, home & community care) – the right care to serve our communities

Proud of our rural roots, as small, vital hospitals, advance our service delivery model

  • Provide high quality care and an exceptional patient experience
  • Optimize access to acute care services in our communities aligned with the health care of our communities
  • Improve pathways to specialized services
  • Enhance our use of technology

We are powered by our people, and commit to supporting them to be at their best

  • Foster employee engagement and well-being
  • Become an employer of choice and attract the best and brightest

Together, pursue fulsome organizational integration toward better patient care and best use of our resources

  • Integrate programs and services to improve patient care
  • In order to increase our capacity, expand the integration of operations