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Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll & Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

Purpose of this Document

In the summer and fall of 2015 and winter of 2016, Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll and Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital embarked on a robust strategic planning journey with high engagement from leaders, patients, team members, physicians, community leaders and partners and residents in our communities. The process generated a clear compelling vision for the future, three meaningful strategic directions, and clear goals and milestones to guide the future development of the hospitals. This document outlines our strategy process, the emerging vision, mission, strategic focus areas and priorities and the initial focus areas.

Executive Summary

AHI and TDMH embarked on this strategy initiative looking for a clear vision and set of priorities for the future. One of the goals of the process was to help clarify the role of community hospitals in a time where technology has been advancing and complex acute care is centred more and more in larger tertiary care centres. The communities of Ingersoll and Tillsonburg place huge value on their hospitals and it was essential that we find a meaningful vision and path forward for the future.

Through a dynamic and robust engagement effort, team members, leaders, community members and key healthcare partners in the region came together to create a new vision for the community hospitals as pivotal regional health hubs that keep care close to home. The process generated an explosion of collaborative opportunities that are now seeing many community partners playing an active role in the 2 campuses of care enabling patients and families to be even more connected to the services they need. There are still a great many challenges ahead but, there is no question that AHI and TDMH are better prepared than ever to lead the transformation of what a community hospital can and should be.

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