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General X-Ray

This is the most commonly performed investigation for assessing injured bones such as your limbs/extremities, spine, pelvis or the examination and diagnosis of disease affecting the chest and abdomen. An x-ray image, or radiograph, is produced when a small amount of radiation passes through the body and strikes a digital detector or digital imaging receptor / plate which is located in front or behind the patients body part that is required to be imaged. The ability of x-rays to penetrate tissue and bone varies according to the composition and mass of what is being imaged. Bone, which contains calcium, absorbs most of the radiation and results in white images on the x-ray film. The lungs, which are filled with air, allow nearly all x-rays to pass through and strike the film or detector resulting in a black image.

Preparation & Procedure

There is no special preparation required for most x-rays. Upon arrival, you may be asked by the medical radiation technologist to change into a gown and hospital pants before your examination. You may also be asked to remove jewelry, eyeglasses, and any metal objects that may obscure the images.

You will be exposed to a small amount of radiation to produce a diagnostic image for the radiologist to interpret. 

If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, you should tell your doctor or technologist before the test is performed, as special precautions will be taken, or the x-ray may not be completed at that time. 

Once the images have been completed by a certified, qualified technologist, the radiologist will interpret the exam and the results will be sent to your physician within 2-3 working days.

Hours of Operation
Daily Walk in Service available. NO Appointment required.
Day and Evening appointments are also available upon request. 

To book appointments please call (519) 485-9611 (Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30).


  • Suspected pregnancy
  • Within 5 days of scheduled appointment, administration of radiopaque contrast (UGI, Barium Enema, CT with barium)

Day of your Appointment

Please bring your health card and requisition. Your X-ray cannot be completed unless you have a requisition or one has been faxed to us from your physician or patient care provided.

Please be aware that this is a "Fragrance Free" facility. Please ensure that you are not wearing perfume or scented products.

Please do not bring small children to your appointment, unless accompanied by another adult.

Directions & Parking

Please park in the Visitor parking lot, located to the southeast, south and southwest of the hospital. Enter the hospital through the Registration / Emergency (ER) Entrance. Continue to Registration, just up the hall and on the left.

If you have any questions or need to re-schedule your appointment, please contact our scheduling department at 519-485-9611 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm).