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Key Contacts

Key Contacts – Alexandra Hospital, Ingersoll

Sandy Jansen
President and CEO

Dr. Joel Wohlgemut
Chief of Staff

Dr. Jay Taylor
Head of Emergency

Dr. Amy Baker
President of Medical Staff

Cheryl Pfaff
Chief Nursing Executive & VP Clinical Services, Quality and Safety 

Mike Bastow
Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Finance

Alexandra Hospital, Ingersoll
29 Noxon Street, Ingersoll, ON  N5C 3V6
Phone:  519-485-1700
Fax:  519-485-9606

Key Contacts - Community Practices Within Hospital

Alexandra Medical Centre
29 Noxon Street, Ingersoll, ON  N5C 3V6
Phone: 519-485-9617
Fax: 519-485-9620

  • Dr. Elizabeth Allen
  • Dr. Kim Baker
  • Dr. Helen Frye
  • Dr. Jay Taylor
  • Dr. Arlan Walsh

Alexandra Family Practice
29 Noxon Street, Ingersoll, ON  N5C 3V6
Phone: 519-425-9000
Fax: 519-485-9609

  • Dr. Jill Matsuo
  • Dr. Joel Wohlgemut
  • Dr. Lori Bruce
  • Dr. Amy Blake

Professional Staff Departments

  • General Practice
  • Family Practice
  • Hospitalist
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency
  • General Surgery
  • Anaesthesia
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynaecology

Professional Staff Committees

  • Emergency/ICCU/Inpatient Advisory Committee
  • Integrated Ethics Committee 
  • Infection Prevention and Control Committee
  • Medical Advisory Committee
  • Medical Staff Committee
  • Quality of Care and Patient Safety Committee