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Our Campaign

Each year Alexandra Hospital determines what new equipment is needed for the hospital. Since government funding cannot supply all the equipment needed, we depend on the generosity of our community members and businesses to fund this lifesaving equipment.

Current Equipment needs total more than $200,000.

Here are a few of the items needed:

New Technology – Cost $21,800
Advancements in technology are revolutionizing the way health care is delivered and we must stay current. All facets of the health care team depend on technology, from nursing and finance, to housekeeping and food services.

By ensuring we have the best technological tools, we can attract and retain top health care professionals and provide patients with the best care possible. 

Centrifuge – Cost $6,307
The Laboratory’s centrifuge separates blood cells from the liquid portion of the blood. It prepares blood samples for tests, which help determine whether someone has had a heart attack, has high blood sugars, or other conditions.

Serofuge – Cost $2,441
A serofuge spins liquid samples at high speeds for separation into key components for testing. During blood transfusions, the serofuge washes red blood cells to ensure blood provided is compatible.

Autoclave – Cost $91,751
Autoclaves sterilize equipment and supplies using high-pressure saturated steam.  

Laboratory Air Conditioner – Cost $6,277
It is vital for the laboratory to have a good air system to control ventilation and moisture.  Some instruments in the laboratory will not operate if the room temperature is too high. The humidity in a laboratory can affect instrument operation and the integrity of the blood/cultures and samples must be maintained.

Can Opener – Cost $1,111
Who knew can opener could cost so much!
A large number of tins are opened each day to prepare meals for our patients! Equipped with 2-speed motor and featuring knife and gear assemblies that can be removed without tools for easy cleaning. The slower second speed helps prevent spillage while opening smaller cans.