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Each year Alexandra Hospital determines what new equipment is needed for the hospital. Since government funding cannot supply all the equipment needed, we depend on the generosity of our community members and businesses to fund this lifesaving equipment.

Thank you to our sponsors of our annual theme dinner at the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa.  We appreciate their support!  They are:

Gold Sponsors:


Clearstream Filters  

Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

Oxford Manor & Park Place Retirement Homes

Tetra-Chem Industries

Silver Sponsors:

JMRD Wealth Management

Verspeeten Cartage 

Bronze Sponsors:

Custom Concept Photography

ERTH Corporation

Ingersoll Pharmasave

Searles Motor Products


Current Equipment needs total more than $200,000.

Here are a few of the items needed:

New Technology – Cost $50,383
Advancements in technology are revolutionizing the way health care is delivered and we must stay current. All facets of the health care team depend on technology, from nursing and finance, to housekeeping and food services.

By ensuring we have the best technological tools, we can attract and retain top health care professionals and provide patients with the best care possible. 

Lab Label Printer - Cost $1,500
A new printer is needed for printing labels that are placed on the tubes for laboratory testing.

Swing Floor Machine – Cost $3, 261
This ergonomically friendly machine is used by the housekeeping department to scrub old wax finish off of floors and to buff floors.

Urinalysis Instrument – Cost $8, 132
The urinalysis instrument will replace an obsolete model that is unsupported with no parts/service available.  it can read the colour and clarity of a sample versus the current process of a human determining with a subjective reading.

Pass Through Washer Disinfector - Cost $64,137
Patient safety is enhanced when processing instruments in this washer disinfector.  It combines multiple chemical cleaning and rinsing phases to effectively remove potentially infectious microorganisms.


Two Operating Room Carts – Cost $1,320 Each
Sterilized instruments needed in the operating room to perform procedures are laid out on the carts prior to the procedure.

Meat Slicer - Cost $3,200 and Food Mixer - Cost $4,500
Both of these institutional sized items are replacement items for the Food Services Department.  They have all the requirements for food safety and operator safety including having the proper guards that are needed.  Both the slicer and mixer are used daily to prepare food for our patients.

Echo Stretcher - Cost $5,000
This stretcher is specifically designed for use in performing echocardiograms.  It has collapsible sides and a maximum patient weight of 350 lb.  It also meets best practice guidelines for accreditation standards.