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Emergency Department

Welcome to Alexandra Hospital, Ingersoll. We are proud to offer a full service Emergency Department, with care practices tailored to meet the needs of our community.

Hours of Operation

The Emergency Department is available for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Number

For patient inquiries, and all general information, please call switchboard at (519) 485-1700 extension 0 to be transferred to the Emergency Department.


The Emergency Department is located on the 1st floor.

What to expect when coming to the Emergency Department

  • Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, please first proceed to the triage area where you will be assessed by the triage nurse. 
  • The triage nurse has special training to assess how quickly you need treatment and in which room your care needs will happen.  
  • The triage nurse will ask you questions about what brought you to the Emergency Department and about your general health. 
  • The triage nurse will also start the registration process. 
  • The triage nurse will then ask you to proceed to the registration desk to complete your registration or will send you directly into the Emergency Department.  
  • Once you are assessed by the triage nurse, you are placed on a waiting list based on the severity of your symptoms. 
  • The list that you are on is being revised every time another individual comes into the department, so people who have arrived after you may be seen before you. 
  • We do our best to move patients through the Emergency Department as efficiently as possible. 
  • It is important to know that things can change quickly in the Emergency Department and your wait time may be affected by those changes.  
  • Patients requiring the most urgent care must be treated first .The Emergency Department may look quiet when it is actually very busy. Behind closed doors we may be caring for a seriously ill patient who requires a lot of attention from emergency staff.
  • There may also be potential waiting periods while we wait for your test results from the laboratory or imaging department.  
  • Please understand that our intention is to provide you with the most efficient and timely service possible.  
  • As you wait, a nurse will be nearby to answer your questions and monitor your condition.  
  • Your patience is appreciated.

The Emergency Team

The Emergency Department Team is made up of experienced physicians, nurses, and clerical staff that provide 24-hour on site coverage. 

During your visit, you may also see housekeepers, dietary staff, laboratory staff, as well as students or residents from different health disciplines.  Health care professionals-in-training are completing a crucial part of their education, gaining real-life experience with patients. They are always closely supervised according to their level of experience.

What you should bring

  • Your Ontario Health Card
  • If you live outside of Ontario please bring your medical insurance information
  • Your prescription and non-prescription medications including vitamins and herbal remedies
  • A supply of your medications in case you have a longer than anticipated wait or need to be admitted to hospital
  • Any other important information about allergies or other medical conditions you may have
  • Your extended / private health insurance in case you need to be admitted to hospital

Care Partners (Family & Visitors)

Alexandra Hospital, Ingersoll practices family centred care and in the best interest of everyone, we request the following: 

  • That family follow instructions given by the nurse or physician with regards to limiting the number or visitors and noise level
  • That visitors respect the privacy of the other patients and not wander freely through the department
  • That families have one person to act as their spokesperson to decrease confusion and make communication between staff and family members easier 
  • All visitors and patients must abide by our hospital code of conduct.  Aggressive behaviors will not be tolerated in our Emergency Department.