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AHI New Programs February 2020

Posted on: February 12, 2020
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INGERSOLL – As Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll (AHI) prepares to send out its semi-annual Report to the Community, Sandy Jansen, President and CEO, is pleased to announce two new programs at AHI!

Dr. Gary Tithecott is now providing general Paediatrics clinics at AHI for patients and families of Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and Oxford County. Dr. Tithecott is a graduate of Western University and completed his fellowship in Halifax and Toronto. He has been practicing in paediatrics for over 30 years.

AHI has also opened the new Oxford County Specialty Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Ulcer Offloading Clinic. Currently, the only specialized wound care clinic serving the south west region resides in London, at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Parkwood Institute. Dr. Punkuj Chawla, who is certified with the International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Program, and holds a focused practice designation in wound care, has worked in conjunction with the South West Regional Wound Care Program to strengthen his current specialty wound care practice and to expand his practice to include the Diabetic Foot Ulcer Offloading Program. The Diabetic Foot Offloading Program is a research validated best practice patient care pathway for the purpose of healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

“These new and exciting programs demonstrate that Alexandra Hospital is in a strong position to continue to provide exceptional health care to Ingersoll and our surrounding communities, bringing patients care close to home” says Jennifer Row, Chief Program Development & System Transformation of Alexandra Hospital. “We are attracting talented physicians and health care leaders with new ideas and equipping our hospital with programs, services and advanced technology that mirrors that found in larger centres.”

AHI is also leading the way with the implementation of electronic clinical documentation, also known as One Chart. This new technology will mean that doctors and nurses will document in the electronic health record details of a patient’s visit, rather than writing the information down on paper charts.

Our vision, working with nine regional hospitals including Tillsonburg, Woodstock and the London Hospitals, is to strategically harness digital advances and innovations that will positively impact the health care system for patients and providers. These new technologies will enable us to be proactive and predictive in the care we can provide to patients. The springboard for these technologies is moving forward with OneChart. Once implemented patients will undergo fewer tests, will not need to repeat their story multiple times and will benefit from more informed clinical decision-making.

“The technology that we are investing in today allows us to provide better, safer and more efficient care to our patients. It is truly transforming healthcare,” says Sandy Jansen. President and CEO. “I am very proud of our team members for their commitment to providing the highest quality care and eagerness to employ technology that benefits patients and grateful to the Hospital Foundations for their ongoing and generous financial support of our hospitals.”


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